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Stan Urbas 
Urbas Home Services
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office phone: 360-830-4162 (local to Kitsap County, Poulsbo, Bremerton)
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About Us

Hi!  I'm Stan Urbas the principal labor force in Stan's Cabinet Shop. I developed my home building and remodeling skills early in life, first while in high school and later while working my way through college. My dad built houses, and I was his primary apprentice and employee. Along with the priciples of home building I also learned from my father some very practical life skills: hard work, solid construction, and business honesty. I also developed a keen interest in woodworking while taking shop class in high school.

As it turned out my college training took me away from homebuilding and into the world of computers. I was fortunate enough to come into Information Technologies early in its evolution, and found a wonderfully challenging and rewarding career there. But I also maintained an active interest in both homebuilding and woodworking, building my own home (twice), and embarking upon many cabinet and furniture projects over the years. So when I decided I had had my fill of the bits and bytes of computer internals, going into cabinetmaking and home remodel was a natural transition. I started in this new career path doing small home repairs and modifications. Then a friend of mine saw the work I had done in our home and knew of my woodworking and home building skills. He asked me to rebuild his kitchen and I knew that was where I now wanted to be.

Meet Mary Urbas, my partner in the Cabinet business as well as partner in life. Our paths first crossed when we were freshmen in college, and we were married before we were seniors. Like mine, Mary's career took an alternate path to its current situation. An accomplished potter and pottery instructor, Mary brings an artistic touch to our creative process. She is in charge of the staining and finishing steps in the cabinet making process.

In her years as a potter, Mary has mastered many techniques and skills associated with pottery and ceramics in general. Along with her other talents she has developed specialties in porcelain and raku pottery, and china painting of ceramic tiles. With this talent, she can augment the cabinet making process by providing decorative wall images and custom tile creations.

In addition to her involvement in the cabinet making process, Mary continues her independent ceramics business under the Clay Creations name. As such, she can be called upon to provide custom artistic additions to our home projects. If you are interested  in some original northwest designs for kitchen back splash or bathroom shower and tub enclosures, give Mary's unique style of china-painted wall tiles a try!

Our Business:  Our business emphasis is custom cabinets; the primary objective is to design, build, and install quality cabinets which will enhance the beauty and functionality of the homes of our clients. We have a business license as well as a general contractor's license, but the "contracting" is there primarily for the on-site installation of our custom cabinets. For this reason we have no problem working in tandem with the homeowner or other contractors that might be hired to do remodeling, counter tops, tile work, flooring, electrical, plumbing, or any other work that might be required.

Our Warranty: Our general policy is to make sure our customers are satisfied with the work done. If there occurs a failure in hardware (hinges, drawers slides, etc) we will go back to the manufacturer to secure a replacement part and install it, all at no cost to the customer.  If any wood product splits or warps under normal use, we will repair or rebuild that component, again at no cost to the customer. However, we do not in any way warrant products which are physically damaged due to abuse, fire, immersion in water,  exposure to unusual humidity or harsh cleaners, or any other occurrence not considered normal cabinet use.  Cabinets may be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with clean water and a small amount of liquid hand dishwashing detergent if needed. Never use household cleaners or dishwasher detergents.