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Urbas Home Services

Serving north Kitsap and east Jefferson Counties, Washington
Including the cities of Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, and Bremerton

Custom Cabinets and Home Remodel
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Stan Urbas 
Urbas Home Services
E-mail: cabinets@urbashome.com
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office phone: 360-830-4162 (local to Kitsap County, Poulsbo, Bremerton)
cell phone:    206-992-8803 (local to
Bainbridge Island)
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Cabinet Options

All our cabinets are custom built from the ground up, so virtually everything is optional. But following are some of our more common choices.

Some of the more standard dimensions are 36" floor to counter top, 15-17" between counter top and upper cabinets, 30" or 36" upper cabinets. But really, any size requirement is acceptable to us, both for upper and lower units. Some things you might want to consider:
  • higher counters if you are taller than average
  • lower counter for someone shorter than average. But if you are planning on installing a standard dish washer, the counter needs to be at least 36" high.
  • more than 16" between counter and upper units if you have tall appliances (mixer, etc.).
  • at least part of your lower cabinets 6" lower than the others, to be a baking center, making it easier to knead bread, roll out pie dough, etc.
Wood: Here again, most anything is acceptable. However, keep in mind that certain exotic woods might be very expensive to purchase and difficult to work, thereby significantly increasing the overall price. The most available hardwoods in this part of the country are maple, oak, hickory, cherry, birch, walnut. Some of these are also available in quarter cut style.

Style: flat (smooth) , raised panel, rail and style, square, arched, shaker. Anything else come to mind? Again, we're open to suggestion.

Finish: We specialize in clear wood tones, stained or natural, with polyurethane sealer. Stains are applied to the wood and excess rubbed off (no spraying). We've used a number of different stain colors, and there is a wide selection available. All wood is custom stained to the meet client's preferences.

Accessories & Options

e are a variety of accessories available for cabinets, like appliance lifts, garbage and recycle containers, and many others. If you have something in mind, let us know. Most cabinets can be made to accommodate these units without much difficulty.

Recycle Center and Appliance Lift: Pull-out recycle/trash containers are very handy when it comes to sorting waste and recycle materials right in the kitchen, as they are used. They come in a choice of one, two, and four container models. If you look closely at the photo you will notice that the containers do not require the full vertical space under the counter. To make use of the extra space a utility drawer was incorporated under the containers. The appliance lift is very convenient for the cook who does not want an appliance stored on the counter top, yet does not want to lift the heavy appliance from another storage space.

Spice Racks, Shelves: These options easily incorporated into the design.

Glass Doors are very popular for displaying china, glassware, and collectibles.  Glass can be cut and incorporated into virtually any door design (except classic panels).